Selling a house at any price point is an emotional and delicate process that must be handled with care.  The main objective is to obtain the highest sales price possible for your property.  This price will be determined by competing buyers who use sales comparables to value the property.  This market data, as well as their particular motivation, will result in your final sales price.  We will consider this data, sales comps, your personal timetable, and the unique features of your house to come up with a listing price and strategy that is comfortable for you.  A great presentation and proper pricing sells homes.  Once active, we will create maximum exposure for your property with a creative marketing plan, utilizing local relationships as well as national and global partnerships to achieve the maximum sales price.

Your home will be listed on the MLS.  This is a service where buyers agents will preview the details and pictures of your home and email it to their clients.

Your home will be featured on a Broker’s Tour.  Local realtors will be invited to preview your home for their clients.  Feedback on the features of the house, price, etc. will be given so we know how the active local brokers perceive the property.

Your property will be actively advertised over the Internet., Zillow, Trulia and all other home selling websites will contain the listing’s details and photos.  Anyone with a looking for homes for sale online in your neighborhood, will know your house is on the market.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will also be utilized to market your home and maximize its exposure to prospective buyers.

With your permission, I will hold an open house for the public to tour the property.

A sign will be placed on your property to indicate that it is for sale.  This for sale sign is highly visible and a great source of advertising.

This matches your listing with buyers who meet the criteria of your home based on their agents property searches.  Once identified, I will contact the agent to discuss your home.

Showings will be coordinated with my office and a software program called Showing Time.  You will determine the scheduling details and access will be provided by a secure, coded lockbox.  Showing Time sends showing confirmations and will manage feedback from potential buyers.  This feedback is extremely important to determine if our pricing and marketing is effective.  Every agent who shows the house will be emailed a request for feedback and once received I will share it with you.

I am always available to you.  I do not maintain regular business hours.  I will address any questions or concerns of yours and constantly keep you updated on showings, feedback, offers, and anything relevant to the sale of your home.  You will always be fully apprised.


Purchasing a home is a very significant and momentous decision.  With proper guidance and information you can make the best possible decision when buying your new home.

As your buyer’s agent I will always work on your behalf.  My fiduciary responsibility is to you and I will always represent your best interests.  Communication is key.  You can reach me multiple ways and I always respond in a timely manner.

Getting a Pre Approval from a lender is extremely important and should be handled at the beginning of the process.  I have a relationship with multiple reputable and experienced lenders and would be happy to recommend them to you.  Having this pre approval is essential once we are prepared to make an offer.  Once your offer is accepted you will apply for a loan.  I will monitor the entire mortgage process as you work with your loan officer.

We will extensively discuss what it is you are looking for in a home.  Location, needs, likes, dislikes, and specifics you require will be outlined.  We will determine your “must haves” as well as negotiable characteristics of a house.  I will set up a specific home search containing your personal parameters to find homes that meet your criteria.  Every time a new listing hits the market that meets your criteria, you will be notified immediately and emailed the listing.  You will always be on top of the market.

I will schedule private showings for houses you are interested in based on your schedule.  I am happy to preview homes for you to accommodate your busy schedule. 

When you are prepared to make an offer I will evaluate the immediate market conditions.  I will analyze the recent sales comparables and any other circumstances that would contribute to the terms of the offer.  We will discuss these terms which include price, earnest money deposit, inspection contingency, financing and appraisal contingency, and any special requests the sellers may have.  Once the offer has been submitted, I will diligently negotiate on your behalf. 

The inspection is an integral part of a home purchase.  We are looking for significant issues with the home during this time like foundation and grading issues, water damage, mold, plumbing, and electrical problems.

From the time we begin working with each other until all the closing documents are signed, I will be your advocate the entire way.  My ultimate goal is for you to be overjoyed with your new home and completely satisfied with the process.